Friday, September 16, 2011

A Major Purge


It's past 1 a.m. and I've just finished loading up everything for the major kids' consignment sale this weekend.

Multiple the children and you multiply the kiddie stuff, too. And the time has come to get rid of lots of it!

I've got three cribs, three crib mattresses, a plethora of crib sheets and mattress pads, diaper bag, shoes and more shoes, outgrown clothes coming out my ears, a huge baby gate, and more toys than I care to think about. It's a vanload!

I hope most of it sells, since it's nice to finally have some space in my basement again!

Of course, I don't just sell at this sale, I shop, too. We usually buy a few Christmas and birthday presents and a season's worth of clothes. And we usually come out pretty even. If even half our big stuff sells this year, we should come out way ahead.

Unless the boys keep growing at the rate they've been going. In that case, I'll need to buy longer pants by Thanksgiving.

At least I know they are putting the gallon of milk they drink every day to good use!

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