Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Big, And Yet, So Little

I cannot believe that Sam, Isaac and Alex will be three in less than a month. THREE!

Three kiddos turning three at once certainly warrants a special birthday celebration. Hmmm...maybe I'd better get to work on some plans. You know, besides whipping out some cupcakes at the last minute.

So far we've survived nursing, feedings every three hours, a mountain of diaper changes, spoon feeding and learning to use silverware, sleep problems, the transition to big boy beds, most of potty training, and the end of booster chairs.

Just today one of the boys used the potty by himself without prompting and said to me, "I'm a big boy, Mommy. You don't have any more babies in your house." That made me a little proud and a little sad.

That same "big boy" needed rockabyes tonight.

I love this stage where they are getting so big, and are still so little at the same time.

Big enough to do so many things for themselves. But still little enough to snuggle and carry (though not for long, as they are getting heavy!).

Big enough to insist on doing it "all by myself," but still little enough to need their mama.

Big enough to imagine a million things, but still little enough to want bedtime stories.

Big enough to surprise me every day with what they have learned, but small enough to be impressed with the things I teach them.

There really aren't any babies in my house anymore, but there are still three boys that will be little for quite a while longer.

Which is good, because I still love giving rockabyes.

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Aunt Mary said...

The last one (or ones) are always the babies whether they like it or not!