Thursday, September 8, 2011

Parenting Is A Full Contact Sport

I'm nursing a major fat lip tonight.

A boy child, who shall remain nameless, is to blame.

There was blood. There were tears (mine and his, because all the blood and my tears scared him). And there was a major time out.

All before 8:30 this morning. That's when I recovered sufficiently to send my hubs the picture:

It actually looks worse now that the bruising has shown up. It's fat and black, top and bottom.

This stay-at-home mom gig is hazardous to my health!

The injury occurred as part of an out-of-the-blue fit while said boy was enjoying some one-on-one time on my lap. (Talk about adding insult to injury!) We've tried to teach this boy many a time that he can't fling himself around like that because someone will get hurt.

I'm hoping the visual aid of blood all over my shirt might help him learn the lesson once and for all.

Otherwise, I'm asking Santa for a hockey mask and helmet for Christmas. And football pads and shin guards might not be a bad idea either.

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Sarah said...

Mouth guards and a bullet proof vest too?