Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Boys Allowed

Amelia and I thoroughly enjoyed a little girl time with Aunt Judy over the long weekend.

We took in the local children's museum, the zoo, and the lake. Amelia swam in the hot tub and we spent a rainy afternoon using copious amount of glitter glue to make sparkly cards. She stayed up past bedtime and was probably far too much the center of attention.

In other words, it was heaven for Amelia.

As for me, I didn't have to persuade anyone to use the potty, change a single pair of soiled pants, make a meal or wrestle anyone into submission for naptime or nighttime.

Instead I got to indulge Amelia a bit, read part of a good book, introduce my sister to my newest addiction - Pinterest, shower every day without interruption, talk to adults, and even sleep in one morning.

So it was heaven for me, too.

Except for the fact that we both missed Daddy and the boys terribly. 

As much as we enjoyed our time away as just the two of us, Amelia and I were both glad to be greeted by a full-scale assault by nearly three-year-old boys and a more restrained, and slightly relieved, "Welcome home," from Daddy.

Not that he was afraid we wouldn't come home. It's just that I got this text from him almost the minute Amelia and I arrived at Aunt Judy's: "Nothing like hot dog puke."

Thankfully his weekend started out rough, but the illness was shortlived and contained to just one child.

And I will admit that while I felt bad I wasn't there to help and to comfort my sick child, I was also a little glad I was missing out!

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Aunt Mary said...

Tell Amelia I LOVE her haircut! Very cute. I suppose Amelia will be upset she doesn't get to come to the next "girls only" weekend. See you soon.