Friday, September 2, 2011

On The Road Again

Now that Bus 52 has returned Amelia to me, safe and sound, she and I are hitting the road.

We are taking a little Labor Day weekend trip to see Aunt Judy, just us girls.

The boys aren't too happy with this idea. Last night they were wailing, "We want to go on a twip, too!" Really? 3,000 miles in under a month wasn't enough "twip" for you? I'm not sure I could manage another trek with everyone on board.

We managed to convince them that they want to stay because of all the fun they will have with Daddy. He'll be exhausted by the time I get home!

Well, I should say, we mostly convinced them. Because as I was tucking Sam in last night he clung to my neck and said, "I just need to hold you tight so you can't weave. You can't weave without me."

I squeezed him a little tighter. What a love!

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Victoria said...

awww,too sweet!

have a safe trip! hope the boys are great for their daddy!

Aunt Mary said...

Have fun.... wish I was coming too. See you in a couple of weeks. The boys will be used to you leaving them by the time September is over.