Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's Ride The "Alligator"

I love, love, love hearing three-year olds talk, especially to each other when they don't know I'm listening. Amelia was funny at this age, and the boys are too.

The boys regularly have conversations that crack me up. And I often can't bring myself to correct things they mispronounce. It's just too cute right now.

The other day Isaac, Alex and Sam were playing in Amelia's room when she was off to school. I was putting towels away in the hall closet when they started talking about going to the childrens' museum.

First there was some negotiating over who would drive. Isaac won.

Then there was a lot of fast conversation about what they would see first when they got there. There was no agreement.

Then I heard Alex yell, "Time to get in the alligator!"

When I peeked in, all three of them were standing in the closet, facing out. They closed the door and chatted while they waited for the "alligator" to take them to "lebel four." (Or "lebel pour," if you're Alex.

Pretty soon someone binged like the elevator had reached the right floor. Then there was an argument about whether or not they were really there yet. Then they opened the door and came out ready to explore the museum.

It will be a sad day when they stop saying things like ""alligator"and "cimmanon" and "fwuit." So for now I'm enjoying it while I can!

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