Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ballet Boys

In an effort to wear the boys out, they've been taking gymnastics while Amelia is taking ballet. Then they decided they want to take ballet.

Class starts in two weeks and we've got other things going on next weekend, so on Saturday we went to buy ballet shoes. Apparently it's not every day that someone brings three little boys in for ballet shoes.

The young woman who helped us was so excited. She talked to the boys about ballet and told me to remember that if they liked it, we could get scholarships for them. "We need boys in ballet!" she told them.

She also convinced them to wear black shoes instead of pink ones, so for that I thank her!

The boys danced around in their new shoes, to the delight and amusement of everyone else in the dance store.

However, they were entranced with all the pretty tutus and dance wear in the shop. Alex kept asking what he was going to wear to ballet, and I could see where this was heading. I have told them more than once that they would be wearing t-shirts and shorts or sweatpants to class, though I understand that's not as much fun as getting to dress up for class like their sister.

I solicited a little help from our sales lady, "So can you tell us what boys wear to ballet class?" She smiled and told the boys that they would wear t-shirts and shorts to practice in. (She really did deserve a tip!) Alex wasn't buying that.

I'm still not sure what we'll be wearing to class in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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Julia said...

aw, it's' so cute they want to be like their big sister. And of course boys in ballet are highly valued, I bet you could get scholarships if any of them stick it out!
As for clothing, that is a tough one. Perhaps a solid color leotard and shorts? That way it will seem as though they get something special. Check out boysdancetoo.com or just google boys dance clothing and I'm sure you will find something.