Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clone Me!

I'm so busy right now that I really need at least two of me -- even though I'm ignoring the cleaning and laundry and ekeing by on the whole feeding the kids and hubby thing.

I've got board work, the big multiples clothing sale, my freelance gig, full-time motherhood and this little piece of the blogosphere all vying for attention. And as fun as blogging is, it doesn't pay the bills or care for the kids, so it had to give a bit.

I promise I'll be back soon. My big meeting is Friday and the multiples sale is Saturday. I should be able to breathe a bit after that.

I've got a great story about the boys and ballet, an update on Sam, and some experiments in flourless baking to share.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!


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1 comment:

Mary said...

Maybe you need to entice a "guest" blogger like I see on these other blogs to fill in while you are so busy...... (not me)