Thursday, March 8, 2012

Popcorn Problem

Many parents struggle with a child repeatedly coming to their bed at night. Last night we struggled with THREE. It was like popcorn. Every time I rolled over a different boy was there jumping around and preventing sleep.

Jeff and I kept taking them back to their beds, but there are three of them and they just. kept. coming.

Isaac has been coming to our bed once or twice a week for some time now. Sometimes it's just "to snuggle Mommy." Sometimes it's because of the monster. But now his brothers have caught onto the idea and we've been fighting back a tidal wave of toddlers the last few nights.
Time for the sleeping bag (or bags!) to come out. You can come to Mommy's room, but NOT to Mommy's bed.

Good luck with that, right? 
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Scott said...

Sleeping bags and bungee cords... Just tuck them in the bag then bungee it to their bed.
The rule is that if they come into Moms bedroom they have to bring their sleeping bag.
The bungee might not stop them but it should slow them down a lot!

Maybe ideas like this are why I don't have kids...

Anonymous said...

A sleeping bag on the floor has been a sleep saver for us. The 2 yr old needs some reminding, but the 5 yr old goes straight there without waking us up. It is beautiful.