Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are You Dancing?

On Sunday Isaac and Alex both decided to come to church with us. Isaac changed his mind the minute we walked in, and Alex followed him to the nursery shortly after. I won't lie. I do enjoy a child-free Mass now and then!

As I was sitting there, suddenly a memory flitted in.

We were at church one morning and Amelia was maybe two or so. The music started playing and she got off the pew and started to dance. As she twirled in place and moved to the music Jeff and I smiled. Then we noticed all of the people around us beginning to smile, too.

It would have been nearly impossible not to be delighted by Amelia's pure joy.

As I remembered that and reflected on it Sunday, I thought about that moment. Amelia was just being a child. She was spontaneous and not concerned about those around her and what they thought.

Sometimes it is so hard to let our kids be kids. We let our expectations of them, our needs and wants get in the way. We forget what it is to be inspired to dance, to need to wrestle, to be so excited about everything we want to say that we have to shout it instead of say it.

On days when I find myself asking my kids to hurry up, to settle down, to be quiet, to stand still, I need to stop and remember that they are kids. Soon enough they will rush by me on the way to the next thing, they won't wrestle with me on the rug or want to tell me their every thought.

Our days certainly aren't perfect, but they are good, very good. Because we have a house full of kids who burst into song, break out in giggles and leap up to dance.

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