Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mom My Ride

These days we have to keep the cars locked or the boys will invade them. They can open the doors, including the sliding doors on the van. They like to "ride" on those doors by hanging from the handle as the door slides open. And yes, they've been in trouble for that more than once!

A couple weeks ago the boys got into the van and pulled out the spray sunscreen. They know how to use that, too. Let's just say there should be no UV damage to the dashboard or passenger seat in that vehicle.

Ironically, this happened just a couple of days after a friend sent me this video called, "Mom My Ride." She ran across it after her husband spent an entire day cleaning the goldfish and unidentified stickiness out of their van. We laughed and laughed at it.

I dedicate this to all parents out there driving a minivan that smells like sunscreen and has enough goldfish in the seats to feed a family of six for a month.

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Uncle Dave said...

You may have seen it but this post reminded me of a youtube video called "swagger wagon". Every parent with a mini-van should get a kick out of it.


Aunt Teresa said...

This is hilarious!!!