Thursday, August 8, 2013


A couple kids in this house have undertaken a serious lobbying campaign in the last couple of weeks.

The kids have made past efforts to persuade me to get them a fish, a kitty (Isaac and Sam), a turtle (Alex), a snake (Isaac), a horse (Amelia), a dog (Amelia), a sheep (Amelia), a rabbit (Amelia), a hamster (Amelia), a guinea pig (Amelia). Do you see a pattern here?

But this request is different. It went like this:

Sam: Mommy, when are we going to have a new baby in our house?

Me: *stunned silence*

Sam: Mommy, we NEED to have a new baby. I'm really good at holding babies. I've been practicing!

At that point he ran off, and I regained my ability to speak. Sam came back from his room cradling his doll, Baby Natalie. "See, Mom? See how good I am with babies?" he said. Dang, he was so cute my uterus contracted.

A couple days later Amelia started in about wanting a baby in the house. When I told her Sam was asking for a new baby, too, she took a different angle.

"What kind does he want?" Amelia said. I told her he didn't say. "He wants a girl," she announced. "Because I really need a sister, Mom. Puh-leeeze?"

Look, whining and pestering doesn't get you what you want in this house. ESPECIALLY when what you want is a new baby.

I might have to get them a dog after all.

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Anonymous said...

Christi thanks for taking blogging back up. Our triplets are about 3mths apart and I have always enjoyed reading your posts as your daughter is the same age as our oldest son. Anyways, love that your back and btw our trio have been asking for a baby aswell :-) Kim