Saturday, August 31, 2013


Today Jeff went to the visitation for the granddaughter of one of his colleagues. The granddaughter was three months old and was found unresponsive at daycare last week.

It's every parent's worst nightmare, and it offers us good perspective on those days when the kids whine too much or sleep has been in short supply and tolerance is low. It makes you slow down a bit. Listen a little closer. Speak a little gentler. Hug a little more.

We're so blessed to have every one of our kids, and we thank God for every minute we have together.

Please keep the families who are mourning the loss of a child in your prayers tonight. And hug your kids a little tighter tomorrow.

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Suzy said...

Oh, so heartbreaking. And yes, a reminder about how precious this parenting gig is, with its many ups and downs.