Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homecoming Photos

Sam and Isaac came home when I was discharged on Sunday, October 12. While we hated to leave Alex behind, he was in good hands, and it let us start juggling two instead of three!

Dad, Mom, Sam and Isaac get ready to leave the hospital.

Jeff makes two look easy!

And here we are on Tuesday, October 14, leaving the hospital with all three boys. What a blessing to have them all home and healthy only 6 days after they were born.

Dad, Mom, Sam, Isaac and Alex head for home together.

This photo tells the true story of bringing home three babies!

Grandma Alice tries to get all three boys to take their pacis in the van.


Kathryn said...

These pictures are great! They don't even do justice to how fantastic you look, Christy!

I loved seeing you and the boys this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures!! Congrats again on your amazing new family!


Christy said...

Thanks, Kathryn. How much I paid you to say that will be our secret.

And thanks for taking the time to feed and cuddle Sam for us. It was nice to not be outnumbered for one feeding!

Donna said...

They are beautiful little boys and the do look little in those carseats:) They will fill them way too quickly! Christy, I have to agree with Kathryn... You look amazing!! Still, so happy for all of you and glad to hear all of you are home! Maybe someday, I can come play with Amelia and cuddle those boys:) Sending all my love!

Pam said...

You do look great. Despite being good sized babies, they do look really small in those carseats. It's great that your mom is able to be there and help with the little guys. I can't wait to come and help next week.

Ambulance Mommy said...

awwwww....they are so beautiful!!! Congrats!

4 AND NO MORE said...


You are truly amazing at how well you did! What a woman! I am so glad to hear that your family is all together again. Great job!

Amanda S