Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mostly Homeward Bound

Today Samuel, Isaac and I will head home from the hospital. Alexander is going to stay in NICU a couple days and we'll probably bring him home Tuesday.

Alex has no major issues, but the NICU docs I talked to yesterday wanted to see him eating more than he was. He's used to his status as the big man who didn't fight for anything in utero, so he's a lazy eater.

The NICU nurses have been working to get him to take 35 mls in a feeding, and we've been telling him we're going to bring his brothers in to show him how it's done. He must be listening, because overnight he took 42, 50 and 60 mls in his feedings -- completely outdoing his brothers. So we'll see if that changes anything for the docs. I expect they'll want to see that kind of intake for a couple days before they release him.

This is such a minor issue, especially in a triplet birth, and for only one baby to even need NICU is a blessing beyond our greatest hopes.

We were able to get all three boys together last evening for the first time. I held them all on my lap and marveled that just three days ago all three of those big boys were inside of me. (I also marveled that I have a lap again!) They each have their own look, and it was great to put them side by and side and compare noses, mouths, ears, and foreheads.

Look, he has mom's ears.

Daddy's mouth and chin on this one.

These two have pretty high foreheads.

That reddish hair could come from either side.

We have some great pictures of the whole crew that we'll post soon.


Donna said...

So, I am a few days late! I was so busy running around on my two days off this week, I didn't get to my computer. Don't worry, you were all in my thoughts and prayers! I am so very happy for all of you! Amelia, don't worry, you can dress you "brodders" in pink and pretend they are girls, till they get old enough to figure it out:) Happy Belated Birthday Jeff! What a great gift! Christy, glad the delivery went smoothly! Wow!! So much baby and all BOY:):) Congratulations and they are absolutely gorgeous! Then again, I love babies:) So glad to hear Sam and Isaac are heading home with you today! I am working today. Alexander will be there soon. Sounds like the "threat" to have his brothers show him up worked great! Praying for all of you and wishing you all the best! Love....Donna

Donya Lester said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of everyone together -- including big sister. That big boy will start eating like a champ soon -- he's just enjoyed a few days of coasting without being crowded by mom's nagging ribcage!

Have fun settling in at home with your new boys!