Monday, October 13, 2008

Soon to Be Together Again

Great news! The NICU just called and they are sending Alex home tomorrow. He's eating well and the breathing issues have been resolved. I'm so excited to have him here and to start to get to know him! What a blessing to have only one triplet need NICU care, and for less than a week.

Here's a photo from Saturday evening, when we were able to get the boys together for the first time since Alex went to the NICU after delivery. More pictures of these three together will certainly follow.

Together Again:
Isaac (left), Alexander (top) and Samuel on Mommy's lap.


Kathryn said...

Christy, they're just beautiful! Hopefully I'll get to sneak a peek when I bring dinner by on Wednesday.

Pam said...

They are so adorable!!! I am glad to hear that Alex is doing well and will be coming home soon.

Laurie said...

Christy & Jeff,
I'm in awe. I just keep reading the blogs and looking at the photos. This whole pregnacy has been an absolute miracle. What a blessing to have been chosen for this experience. I suspect you have impacted people around the world in ways that only our Creator can orchestrate. Thank you for sharing this journey. I can't wait to meet the boys and see Amelia again.


Anonymous said...

They are so sweet! Glad to hear everyone will be home soon!

Suzy R said...

They're so cute!!

Christopher Mann said...

Those cubs are indeed super cute! Congratulations!

Chris Mann
Fort Wayne

Amy said...

What handsome boys:). I know this may be a dorky question, but are they identical or fraternal?

Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!