Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Waiting on Babies

We are rapidly approaching 37 weeks and Christy is moving pretty slow these days - not that we have any cause to complain about slow movement.

This has been an amazing experience so far, realizing that the fun is just getting started. I often remember that the average triplet pregnancy lasts about 32 weeks and in many cases involves some time on bedrest. We have been fortunate - Christy worked to 32 weeks, no bedrest and is now into week 36+ (still no bedrest, what would be the point now?).

So for now, no babies, but we are certainly getting closer.


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Mom and Dad said...

We can't wait to see you become 'THE DAD' of your three little ones and Amelia.
All our love, Mom and Dad

October 9 babies, Christy? (THE MOM) It's all good! You are a trooper and we love you!