Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grandpa D. Comes to Visit

Grandpa D. flew in late last night for a visit. He unpacked all kinds of clothes for the kids from his suitcase. For a minute I was worried that he didn't have room for any clothes of his own, but I guess when you're bringing gifts for four kids, it adds up.

Here are the boys in the new duds Grandma D. and Aunt Allie picked out.

Alex, Sam and Isaac showing off their new clothes.

Amelia got a super cute spring dress that I'm sure she'll be thrilled to model for us. Stand by for those photos later.

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robyn said...

Wow....the boys look so cute in their outfits. Can't wait to see Amelia in her adorable dress. I work at Wash School with Wayne and Sheyenne Valley Sp Ed. with Carol. Carol brought the outfits to school to show us before they were packed in Grandpa's suitcase. Thanks for sharing pics with us. You are soooo blessed. I enjoy your checking out your site and catching up on your busy life....what an exciting adventure life is....Robyn Borg