Sunday, March 15, 2009


Alex made his big move today -- rolling from his back to his tummy. He can now roll both ways, which he proved by rolling more than once to move himself across the floor. Unfortunately, Grandpa was already on the airplane when this happened, so he missed the big event.

Alex: Leading the pack! (But not for long, I suspect.)

I'm sure Isaac and Sam won't be far behind, and I will soon be wishing for these days of immobility. Better buy a new pair of running shoes...


Grandma D said...

Yes, Grandpa is back home; he has been seen roaming around mumbling "must get Alex to, Alex is sleeping; must get Isaac ..." just kidding! I think he is getting into the grind around here again after spending time with your little ones and falling smack-dab-head-over-heels in love! Just can't wait to see all five little ones together!
Love 0000XXXX Grandma D

Cousin Josh said...

Go Griz!! So cute- can't wait to meet you guys!