Monday, March 30, 2009

Say A Prayer

Tonight I'd ask that you all say a prayer for my Uncle Tim.

Tim is my mom's baby brother, and he's critically ill. He went into the hospital a couple days ago with Type A and Type B influenza. He now has full-blown pneumonia, tachycardia (heart rate of 130 beats per minute), a 105 degree fever, staph infection and sepsis. This morning they started him on dialysis when his kidneys began shutting down. Things don't look good.

Uncle Tim is just 60. He's a runner and generally in good health. He still teaches and coaches at a high school back in North Dakota. I don't know if he can pull through this, but I know that prayer can work miracles.

So please take a minute to say a prayer for my Uncle Tim and for his siblings who are now making increasingly difficult decisions as his condition worsens.

And toss in a prayer for the people of Fargo, North Dakota, who are in the midst of a blizzard on top of the flooding. That blizzard also is keeping my parents from getting to the hospital in Grand Forks to see Uncle Tim, so a break in the weather would be good for everyone.

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