Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi. My Name Is Mom.

Today Jeff and I took Alex and Isaac to the doctor's office.

Yes, the plague continues. Two weeks and counting. Feel free to debate which is the lesser of two evils: one sick child at a time stretching into eternity and Mommy slowly going off the deep end, or everyone sick at once so the house becomes a pit of wailing misery and Mommy flipping out fast. I have yet to decide which method of torture I prefer.

I walked up to the window with Isaac in my arms, and the receptionist said, "Name?"

I paused for a couple beats. Not because I didn't remember my name, though there have been those days, but because they always know who I am in the doctor's office. And this wasn't a new receptionist.

I told her my name and she did a double take. "Oh, I didn't recognize you without the triplets!"

The triplets! Of course! This season's hottest fashion accessory. All the rage on the runways in Paris. (Now that's a gig for one of those modeling reality shows that I'd really like to see!)

True, I usually show up there with a can't-miss-it stroller full of children, so I understand her confusion.

But it was a little reality check, too. Because that's what it comes down to, doesn't it? I have become "The Triplet Mom."

I used to have a name all my own. Most days I can even recall it.

One of the great secrets of motherhood is that you'd better make sure you love your kids' names, because their names will become your name, too. First I became "Mom." And before my first child could even talk I became "Amelia's Mom." And now I'm "The Triplet Mom."

I'll wear those titles proudly for now. I just hope that when my kids are grown I can still remember my real name.

© Trippin' Mama 2010


April said...

Aww! I think Mom is an amazing title. And I think Triplet Mom is an amazing and proud title to bear! And not many get to have that and do it well! :) But I can understand feeling how your identity revolves around your children.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy your posts. You have a way with words. I can always count on smiling or reflecting when I go to your blog.

Suzy said...

HA! I got the first real taste of "oh, you're the quad mom," yesterday at the neighborhood garage sales. Some people even commented that they'd just been talking about me before I strolled up ... and these were people that I'd never even seen before! Crazy.

Casy Schweickart said...

That is so funny and so totally true! When I got married I became Hank's wife and now that I have a child I have become Emily's mom. I don't mind it as much as I used to...It is almost reassuring. ;0)