Monday, April 19, 2010

"Hoarders" Here I Come

First let me say that I truly, truly appreciate all of the people who think of us when they have kids' clothes and toys that they are ready to pass along.

However, thanks to others' spring cleaning and generosity, my living room is ready to be featured on an episode of Hoarders. Seriously. My odds of getting crushed to death or losing small child in the clothes in my house have tripled in the past week.

I would show you pictures, but I'm too embarrassed. Or I can't find my camera. Your choice. This blog is a democracy after all.

(OK, it's not. A benevolent dictatorship, perhaps. Though if you all want to vote for something or prod me to do a particular post, feel free. I might just be feeling benevolent. *grin*)

Anyway, in between episodes of sick children I have been sorting through clothes and trying to organize them. I have given up on sorting by season AND size and just gone straight to size. When my guys outgrow what fits now I'll dig out the next size up and go from there. It's the fastest way to get a handle on this pile.

I could put the next size up in our closets, but after I recently sold clothes at the multiples sale, I used all of our extra closet space to hold all of the clothes I'll be selling in the fall and next spring. It all has to be on hangers, so I'm trying to save myself some time and effort down the road.

So, I've stored everything in my new favorite item: the Space Bag! Well, bags, in my case. But they take up way less room than storage totes and fit under beds, under the futon in the basement, on high closet shelves. Why they even make a nifty coffee table! (Kidding about that last one, but I've been tempted.)

I can stack several bags in the space one storage tote would take up. Plus, I can open them, empty them, fill them up with different sizes and use them over and over. Definitely worth the money.

I'm hoping that the fact that I own the Space Bags offsets the potential to be viewed as a hoarder. It does, right? Right?

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, send help. Just tell them to look under the piles of clothes in my living room.

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Stacia said...

Not to mention that houses come with such an abundance of storage space these days (yeah, right). I have enough trouble storing clothes for two kids, let alone four! Go, Space Bags, go.

Angela said...

I am laughing because you must've watched last nights episodes! It had me looking around at my many piles hyperventilating! Trying not to drive my family crazy with my "nesting" instincts! I love the Space Bags idea! Glad to know they work! And for post ideas, I'm trying to collect some posts from multiple moms for our triplet group re: things you need or how to survive the first year...haha If you have one that I've missed and wouldn't mind me adding a link to my blog, please let me know. Or maybe you need to write one! You have it ALL together girl! Even your piles! :)

Beth said...

Oh I totally feel your pain!! We have one corner of our basement dedicated to outgrown clothes waiting to be sold and clothes waiting to be grown in to. Every few months, I will go down there and be horrified by the stacks of clothes. I will spend days getting everything straightened and organized. I will vow it will never get that bad again. I will then go down in a few mos. and tremble in fear at the base of Mt. Handmedown. I need to try the Space Bags. Our totes are nice but so big!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Angela, I've only heard about the show, never seen it. I don't think I could stand to watch. And thanks for the post suggestions. I'm working on a multiples feature that you'll probably like. Stay tuned for more on that.

Beth, "Mt. Handmedown" made me laugh out loud!


Bry said...

Hahaha. My baby's room is just getting piles and piles of clothes. Not because we are saving them for someone is because he is my last baby and I can't seem to get rid of the clothes. Give them up already!
But at least you are organizing...that is progress.

Donya said...

I just did that with my daughters triplets. People are always giving her piles of clothes. The babies are not wearing half of what they have been given before outgrowing them. We have tubs because they have a large bonus room upstairs. Size is all we go for, the season can be determined later.

correspondent said...

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