Thursday, April 1, 2010

One of the Best Jokes

Note: Some names (*) have been changed to protect the innocent. Others have not, since there were some not-so-innocent people involved, too!

The year was 199x. (Take a guess if you really want to.) I was finishing my final semester of college with a rigorous 12 credit hours, two of which were required phys ed classes and three of which were a freshman-level requirement that I had just never gotten around to taking.
I was engaged to Jeff, and we were planning a June wedding.

Since I was coasting through the semester and had some extra expenses coming up with the wedding, I took a job in one of the offices on campus. One beautiful spring day a delivery guy walked into the office with flowers. It was a random day, so I never expected them to be for me, but they were!

All the office ladies gathered around to admire the flowers. They were oohing and aahing and commenting on how sweet it was for my fiancé to send flowers.

Then I opened the card.

It read: "There's still time. Love, John*"

What? John? The card is supposed to say Jeff!

I practically shouted, "These are from the wrong guy!"

With that everyone gathered around my desk magically disappeared into their own offices and cubicles.

John was a casual acquaintance who had made it clear many a time that he'd like to be more than that, even though I was in a serious relationship. Most memorably, we had a very awkward conversation where he actually used the phrase, "I think it's time we elevate our relationship to a new plane."

Relationship? New plane? We were barely even friends. And unless you're talking about boarding that plane and heading out, I just don't even know how to respond to that.

But John was one of those somewhat socially awkward people and I always felt a little sorry for him. I was always politely friendly because, really, who wants to be the mean girl? I think deep down even the mean girls don't really want to be mean. And we had mutual friends, so it was easier to just be friendly.

Nonetheless, he didn't read signals well. Or, apparently, understand English since I had told him in no uncertain terms that I was only interested in being friends. And then I got engaged to someone else, which I thought was about as clear as I could get.

Anyway, as soon as I was done with work I ran for the nearest phone. I called my friend Margaret. (She's one of the not-so-innocents in this story. Love you, Mags!) In a panicked voice I told her what happened. She gave nothing away as she listened and "Ohmigoshed!"

I got off the phone and headed for class. On my way, I ran into my friend Chris (also not innocent). I grabbed him, and still panicking about how horribly awkward this was going to be, I told him the same story.

As it turns out, Chris is not a good liar. He said the right things, but he had a funny look on his face. I didn't put it together while we were talking, but after I walked away I realized it must have been a joke.

And it was a good one! Put me in tailspin for a good hour until Chris gave it away.

Turns out Margaret was the mastermind. Which wasn't really a surprise.

It was one of the best jokes anyone has ever pulled on me.

Hope you had a happy April Fool's Day!

© Trippin' Mama 2010

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JO said...

How funny is that! Cute story.