Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two More First Haircuts *Sniff, sniff*

Sam and Alex had their first haircuts yesterday. They both did great.

Surprisingly, Sam, who cried all the way through Isaac's last haircut, never made a peep. Alex was far more upset about the experience, but even he cooperated and did pretty well.

Sam surprised us all by taking his haircut in stride.

Alex tries to get away.

I am happy to report that Sam still has some curls and PLENTY of red hair. (I just couldn't bear to get it cut too short!)

Sam checks out his new 'do.

Alex had the biggest transformation, even though he had less hair to cut. Once the stylist cleaned the hair over the ears and got rid of the start of the mullet he had, he really looked like a big boy.

Hey! What did you guys do to my hair?

Isaac hung out and watched his brothers take their turns. He's had three haircuts already, so this is old hat to him.

Amelia was very interested in helping and asked more than once if she could cut the brothers' hair. We strongly discouraged that idea, but now I have something new to worry about!

Amelia "helps" her brothers get their hair cut.

Another rite of passage for my babies has come and gone. They are growing up so fast!

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Abby said...

Awe. We did first hair cuts yesterday as well. They are look like such big kids now, sniff, sniff...

Suzy said...

Love the new dos! We're doing first haircuts soon ... will post pics when we do!

Emily & Ed said...

Be careful of art projects using scissors with Amelia now...Hannah decided last Sunday while cutting out pictures for me to cut her own hair...Ed had told her that morning before church - "Hannah you need your haircut..." She told me "But mom, daddy said I needed a haircut."
She now has a cross between a 80's mullet and a pixie cut...I'm glad little ones' hair grows fast...

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Emily, I AM worried about the potential for haircutting now. I've had many a discussion with Amelia about how scissors are only for paper. She recently cut a hole in a pair of jeans. Then she didn't want ot wear those jeans because "they are ruined." I made her wear them anyway. Hopefully that helped teach her the lesson...