Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nothing Says Happy Easter Like A Sick Kid

It was a true family holiday here. We had family in from out of town, so of course one of the kids got sick. Thankfully it was only one.

Sam threw up once on Saturday and once on Sunday. Saturday that seemed to really make him feel a whole lot better, and the rest of the day was pretty good until he started to run a fever at bedtime. He had a rough night. He finally managed to get a couple hours of sleep snuggled in our bed, but he clearly just didn't feel well.

Today Sam's fever spiked to 103.3, but I was able to bring it down with a bath and some Tylenol. His fever broke about bedtime, but then he wanted to eat and play, so bedtime was a lo-o-ong time in coming.

Add a boil (poor Amelia) to our disease and it was a regular party around here! Throw in a little pestilence and we would have been celebrating in Biblical style.

Actually, it was a pretty good day since Sam didn't care who held him, as long as someone held him. And we had plenty of arms available. Thanks to good planning we ate Easter dinner while the boys were down for a nap, so we were able to eat the food while it was hot and stay at the table until we were finished. That's a real luxury for us. 

I have pictures of our Easter to share, but right now I have to catch some shut eye to make up for last night. Hopefully Sam will sleep well now that the fever seems to have ended.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, too, sans the plagues.
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