Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lessons from Easter

The other day as we were coming home from preschool, Amelia and I had this conversation.

Amelia: "One of my little friends (that's code for her imaginary friends) gotted dead, Mom."

Me: "She died? What happened?"

Amelia: "I don't know. She just died-ed."

Long pause

Amelia: "But it's OK. She's going to come alive again on Easter Sunday just like Jesus."

Wow. I guess she was paying attention as we tried to teach her about the real meaning of Easter.

Yes, the Easter bunny visited our house and filled our Easter baskets with treats. We colored Easter eggs and ate too much chocolate. (Well, only the grownup and Amelia. Wait until we have to color eggs with four little helpers next year!)

But we also talked about how Jesus died for our sins and then came back to life.

These Resurrection Eggs from Family Life were a big help in teaching Amelia about Easter.

Each egg holds a symbol that tells part of the Easter story, from the cup Jesus shared with His disciples to the crown of thorns the soldiers placed on His head.

Each page of the book tells you which egg to open and then explains the item inside.

Amelia loved opening the eggs as we read the story. She asked lots of hard questions, and we sometimes we struggled to answer them. But she clearly understood a lot, too.

I bought my Resurrection Eggs after Easter last year. They were on clearance at a local superstore, so now is the time to look for them.

I know that next year Amelia will look forward to getting out the Resurrection Eggs almost as much as she looks forward to coloring Easter eggs and sharing her candy with her mama. Perhaps by then we will have found a way to explain that everyone who "dies-es" doesn't come back to life on Easter Sunday.

Note: I'm just a happy customer here. No one provided me with any incentives to write this post. 

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Angela said...

No one needed to provide you with incentives on Res. Eggs! I love them too! This year with our older ones we were able to read all of the booklet and they really "get" it all now! It's such a fun way to help them understand the most important Day EVER! I might write a quick blurb on the eggs and send people here for this post,K?!! We snuck out on dying eggs this year. I was not in the mood! But we still hid them, but with the older kids we've moved on to money...YIKES! Have a great weekend!

JO said...

We had Ressurection eggs when ours were younger too - they're awesome.


Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Feel free to send folks to this post. Great product, and I'm happy to help spread the word.