Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey, Batter Batter!

Saturday was Amelia's first t-ball practice for non-competitive t-ball through the local Y. Her team is the Pirates. She made a new friend and did a good job of hitting the ball. But there was mention of a snack before her team fielded and suddenly Amelia wasn't all that interested in catching the ball. (I'm sure she gets that keen athletic drive from her mommy.)

Amelia also hit one of her teammates when they were practicing catching and throwing. He flinched every time she threw after that, which made it a bit hard for him to catch.

There are six kids on Amelia's team of four and five year olds, which pretty much requires six coaches. So Jeff helped out while holding Alex on his hip. In the meantime, I ran Isaac and Sam around the far outfield and tried to keep them from literally stealing the bases.

The boys also had fun cheering and clapping for every hit and every catch and every throw. They may enjoy the seven weeks of t-ball more than Amelia does!

I have no illusions that Amelia will be a star athlete, given my own stellar athletic prowess. I just hope she has fun.

No matter what, she'll have her very own fan club cheering her on at every game.

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