Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

It was another gorgeous day. It's been in the mid-seventies every day this week, and cooler in the evening so I shut off the air conditioner and we've been sleeping with the windows open. Heaven.

You know, they try to make us think that big homes, fancy cars and grand vacations are the stuff dreams are made of, but they are wrong.

As I watch my kids playing in the yard on a gorgeous summer day I know the real truth. THIS is the stuff dreams are made of.

You can keep your big houses and fancy cars. I'm perfectly happy with my modest ranch house and minivan.

Though if anyone would like to throw a one-week vacation in the Caribbean my way, I wouldn't protest.

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DeeDee said...

Your latest post left me LOL during on BLOG 101 class (starting my own blog). I have to tell you, though, I doubt the M&Ms will work for Alex when he's a teen (didn't work for my two). I'll email you tomorrow. I can't wait to catch up.