Monday, June 14, 2010

Thar She Blows!

Way back in April I took Amelia with me to sign her up for Vacation Bible School this summer. She was so excited to go. And so very disappointed that it wasn't the next day. Or the day after that. Or the day after that.

I finally told her that Vacation Bible School would happen after her birthday. That forestalled the "Is it today?" question for about a month.

Well today was finally the day. Amelia was excited about going. We walked in to see a big ship and mermaids decorating the school gym. We saw the volunteers setting out the day's snack. We got all the way to her classroom before Amelia decided that maybe she didn't really want to be there.

I introduced her to another little girl in her class and Amelia wouldn't even say hello. I knew then that I was in real trouble. Fortunately I didn't have the boys in tow. I convinced Jeff that it would be much better for me to do the first drop off sans boy-os so I could scope things out.

Turns out that was a particularly good idea, as I left Amelia wailing in the arms of one of the preschool helpers. I figured by the time the boys and I picked her up at noon she probably wouldn't want to leave.

Amelia was ready to go, but excitedly told me all about her day.

Everything was great until I said something about what she'd be doing tomorrow.

"I'm not going back tomorrow!" she wailed. Then tonight as I was putting her in bed she asked if she was going to Vacation Bible School because she's a big girl. I told her yes, now that she's four she gets to go.

"Can't I wait until I'm five?" she asked. I felt a little sorry for her, being tossed into the big girl world already.

Then she asked if I thought the mermaids would still be there. Because she likes mermaids.

So, who knows which way the wind will blow tomorrow?

Cross your fingers for us, because I'll be dragging the whole crew along for drop off. And hopefully the crabby mom who complained at pickup time that my triple stroller was "taking up too much room" in the hallway will be feeling a bit more Christian tomorrow.

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Emily & Ed said...

Seriously - another mom complained about the stroller in the hallway. VBS pickup and drop offs are always chaotic no matter how big of space you have available. I would have asked the kiddos to cover their ears...pray other mom is in better spirits today...