Monday, June 28, 2010

The Moment Daddy Lost Control

Tonight I went to Pilates as usual. When I came home Jeff couldn't wait to show me this video. He was chuckling as he said, "This was the moment Daddy lost control of the kids."

Jeff turned everyone loose in the kitchen for a dance party. Of course, the boys started digging through the cupboards. Watch carefully and you'll see that when Sam brings the raisins out of the cupboard and opens them Alex is behind him opening a tub of cookies.

My favorite part is when Alex starts shoveling a fistful of cookies in his mouth.

As I watched the video, Jeff said, "Guess what the boys had for their bedtime snack?" Hmmm, I wonder. Cookies, perhaps?

Oh, well, it couldn't have been too bad. The boys were all in bed when I came home at 7:30, and clearly they got enough to eat.

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