Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Moment of Gratitude

Today I spent the day helping students at Vacation Bible School make their craft for the day. They made cute little whales, to tie in with the day's Bible story about Jonah and the whale.

It was a pretty fun day, though Amelia had a little trouble after she saw me there, but didn't get to stay with me. Getting to ride the "train" pulled behind a riding mower at playtime proved a good distraction, thankfully.

The craft was pretty simple, so the older kids were done pretty quickly. We had them make Father's Day cards to fill the time.

I overheard a group of 4th grade boys talking as they made their cards. They were all talking about how much their dads are gone. I'm sure some of it was one-upsmanship, but it was still sad to hear them compare their fathers' "business travel," how many days they were gone and how their dads went to Texas, LA and New York.

My heart went out to those boys and their moms. How tough to not have Dad around every night. And to be a single parent while your husband travels. It made me very grateful that Jeff travels only occasionally for work.

I know many people don't have a choice. When it comes to taking care of their families, sometimes not being there IS taking care of their family. I just wish there was another option so those boys could have Daddy around all the time, not just some of the time.

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