Sunday, October 17, 2010

Further Genetic Proof

Two weeks ago as we were getting ready for the boys' birthday, Amelia brought a piece of paper and a pencil to the table to make a list of things we needed.

She's four. And she's already making lists.

Wonder where she gets that from?

Anyway, Amelia told me the items she wanted on her list and painstakingly wrote them out as I spelled them.

Amelia's list: "Balloons, cupcakes, gifts, marshmallow, frosting, flower."

As we were listing things, Amelia said, "Cupcakes! We already made them so we should put them on the list so we can cross them off."

That, perhaps even more than her love of mashed potatoes, is clear evidence that this girl is most definitely my daughter, and her daddy's too! (Sorry about that, honey. The OCD gene runs strong in our family.)

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