Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meeting Myself Coming and Going

So in addition to making Halloween costumes this week, I put on my grownup clothes and went out into the world three days. Yep, THREE! I spent Tuesday doing work for the board I'm serving on, and Thursday and Friday I logged some time for my paying gig.

It felt great to get out in the world and be productive in different ways than I am around the house, but it has really thrown me for a loop! I think the addition of some volunteer or paying work or a project like the Halloween costumes to my usual routine would have been fine. The combination of all three has made me a little crazy. And zapped all my blogging time.

I promise my absence here will be worth it when you see the pics of the kids in their costumes tomorrow. If it isn't, don't tell me. My fragile ego can't handle it. ;-)

I'm sure you'll like the costumes, because we road tested them tonight. We went out for a Halloween event and our costumes got rave reviews. The boys now get the whole concept of trick or treat, and LOVE it, of course. I'm sure they will all act like pros when we go door-to-door tomorrow.

I got a couple decent pictures tonight, but we weren't in the best picture-taking circumstances, so hopefully I'll be able to do better tomorrow.

It sounds like all the over-tired, over-sugared children are asleep, and I'm soon to follow. Good night, all!

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