Monday, December 15, 2008

Spots, Round 2

On Sunday we woke up to find spots appearing on Sam. Here comes the chicken pox, round two! So much for the pediatrician's assurance that if the other boys didn't have them by now they wouldn't get them. It looks like Sam's getting a pretty good case, but so far he hasn't been too miserable.

We did get out on Sunday when our neighbor and her three daughters came over to babysit for the day so Jeff and I could go do our Christmas shopping. It was so nice of them, and we got nearly everything done. I have a couple more small things to take care of and I'll have to stand in line at the post office this week, but then there's just the wrapping to do. And I always enjoy the wrapping.

Sorry to be so spotty on posts. (HA! No pun intended, but that was a good one!) 'Tis the season, and I've had to sacrifice blogging for all things Christmas -- trees, decorations, presents and more. There's a post coming with video of Amelia decorating the tree that's worth the wait.


Pam said...

Oh no. I hope Sam's case is mild. Kudos to you for getting the holiday things done despite it all.

Rjs said...

Poor kids...and poor mom!

Try to hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Tell Sam that he will be so happy when he is older to have this chicken pox thing out of the way...

In the meantime, take care of yourself.

I sent a box the other day for the kids. Sorry, I forgot to put the card in it! But I do have things marked that needed to be marked. :>)

Hugs to you all,