Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Success!

This morning Amelia headed off for her first day of kindergarten. She was beyond excited, and thanks to a two-mile hike and no downtime yesterday, she started out with a great night's sleep.

We ALL joined her at the bus stop.

Sam woke up crying, "I want to go with Ame-ya! I want to ride the 'chool bus!"

But, when the time came, Amelia bounded up the steps and the boys waved goodbye with a minimum of tears. 

Tearing up never really occurred to me. She was excited, and I was excited for her. Yes, I can't believe my baby girl is already getting on the school bus, but it was a happy event for all of us. (Except maybe Sam!) Maybe I'll feel differently when the boys head off to school and the house is quiet.

Amelia came home just as excited as when she left, so I'd say her first day of school was a success. She told me the best part was riding the school bus. "Oh, and recess!"

The worst part: lunch. I encouraged her to eat school lunch, and she wasn't thrilled with the "corn stick" (also known as a corn dog). She was even less thrilled that she didn't get to sit next to her friend, which led to a few tears. In the end, she didn't eat a bite of lunch, but if you know Amelia, you know that missing a meal doesn't really mean much to her.

She went to bed tonight asking when she gets to go back to school, so all in all, it was a great day.

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Aunt Mary said...

Yeah Amelia! Glad you had fun, only about 2000 more days to go and you will be graduating from high school!
ps: I LOVE the princess back pack!