Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Message From The Universe?

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny, but not too hot. Perfect for a trip to the park, and a play date. 

Or so I thought.

I invited two friends to bring their kids and join us. 

They both turned me down for the EXACT same reason: "I have too much cleaning to do."

I thought perhaps that was a message from the universe since I'm a little up to my eyeballs around here in general, but especially after traveling 3,000 miles in under a month. 

(I did finally conquer the laundry pile from the last trip. It took 13 loads by the time I washed all the bedding, sleeping bags, towels and clothes. Camping generates A LOT of laundry!)

I decided to throw caution to the wind, ignore the universe and go to the park anyway.

We had a great time, and you know what? My cleaning was still here when we got home. (Although I was seriously hoping it wouldn't be!) 

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