Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Make Foaming Hand Soap

Fridays are usually recipe days around here so here's a recipe, but this one isn't not edible. Unless, of course, you are talking back to mama or screaming like a banshee. Then you might just get a taste.

I recently learned how to make my own foaming hand soap. My Google search showed me lots of people do this because it's inexpensive, and I'm all about that. But, I must confess that the reason I did it was because I wasn't paying attention and bought a regular hand soap refill and then realized that it wouldn't work in my foaming soap dispensers. It's almost impossible to pump!

So, off to the Internet to see if I could salvage my twin pack bargain hand soap purchase.

Turns out that I can make tons and tons of foaming soap much cheaper than buying an actual foaming soap refill. Score!

Here's how you do it.

Foaming Hand Soap
1 Tbsp. regular (non-foaming) hand soap
Warm water
1 princess to shake the mixture

Pour 1 tablespoon of regular hand soap into your empty foaming hand soap dispenser.

Add warm water to fill, allowing room for the pump.

Insert pump and close, then have a princess shake to her heart's content or until combined.

If you don't happen to have a princess handy, I guess you'll have to do it yourself. Luckily for me, Cinderella stopped by my house today. She's very good at household chores!
Pump a few times to get the foaming action started, then congratulate yourself.

I figure I'll be able to make 320 refills from the 5 quarts of soap I bought. Not bad for about $10, and a mistaken purchase to boot!

You can bet this is the only way I'll refill my foaming dispensers from now on. Thrifty, easy, and fun. Heloise would approve.

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