Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

It's the night before my favorite holiday of all time. My rolls are baked, my last pie just came out of the oven, and my squash is ready to be dressed up a bit before it's warmed up again.

My kids are excited to help tomorrow. Sam wants to make the stuffing, Amelia and Alex are all about the mashed potatoes, and Isaac just wants to help! I've tried to do enough prep work so we can all work together tomorrow, which I know will take more time than doing it myself. (I also know that it will be a lot more fun, at least until someone dumps 10 pounds of mashed potatoes on the floor.)

I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. I want to revel in my many, many blessings. I do NOT want to go shopping, and I resent the retailers who are trying to shove a consumeristic Christmas down our throats with ever earlier Black Friday hours -- now even infringing on Thanksgiving Day.

I love a bargain, but I don't love the idea that Thanksgiving is becoming another shopping day in the rush to get to Christmas.

So as you enjoy this Thanksgiving, I hope you are blessed with a chance to simply relax and give thanks for all you have, rather than rushing around to acquire more.

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1 comment:

Victoria said...

perfectly said!!

memories in the kitchen and being together as a family is what Thanksgiving is all about :) ENJOY your little helpers!

have a blessed Thanksgiving!!