Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fast Approaching 1000 Posts

I can hardly believe that I am fast approaching 1,000 posts on this blog. That's a lot of writing in just under four years, especially considering all the little people in this house. Little people who both provide blog fodder and keep me from blogging all at the same time!

It's been quite a journey so far, and I have enjoyed my little writing playground here immensely. Thank you all for coming along for the ride with me. I appreciate your comments and emails and most of all your willingness to laugh along with me.

I have just nine more posts to go to number 1000, so I'm giving you the chance to tell me what you want to see here in the run up to that big milestone. Throw me a bone and toss out a comment telling me what you wish I'd write about. I pretty much tell it all all the time, but maybe I've missed something along the way and you're just dying to know. Well, here's your chance!

And if no one has any burning questions, then I'll be forced to subject you to whatever I can come up with on my own while chasing three toddlers around the house and helping a kindergartener with her homework. It probably won't be pretty.

So, what say you?


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Emily said...

Congratulations on nearing your 1,000 mark! You continue to write a very entertaining blog! I'd love to hear more about some of your preschool projects (learning letters, etc.) with the boys.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Thanks, Emily! I'm no homeschooling whiz, but I will be happy to post some more about our preschool projects. Among my many successes there was the insertion of the sticker into Sam's ear. Ha! But we have done some fun things.


The Gausman Six said...

1000 posts! Wow. My poor neglected blog envies yours. :)

But, I read your blog faithfully; partially because our dynamics are similar, i.e. an older child followed by triplets. Our older kids are both in kindergarten & your trips are about 6 months (I think?) ahead of mine. My trips were born in May 2009.

Something I would love to see you talk about is if financially it had made sense, would you have continued to work outside the home knowing what you know now about triplets' (and school age kids') schedules and logistics and how difficult it is to manage.

Also, I LOVE blog posts' about schedules & how parents of multiples keep their sanity etc.

Keep up the great writing...I aspire to your level. :)