Monday, February 6, 2012

A LOUD School Project

The boys and I are still doing school projects on Amelia's school days. We've done all kinds of things: made fish bowls and pattern turkeys, had shape hunts, exercised our alphabet and crafted helicopters and kittens. One of our most recent projects was a big hit: jellyfish.

Alex shows off his jellyfish.

It's half a paper plate and the boys glued on tissue paper "tentacles." I drew a little face on each with a 'J' for a nose. (Aren't I just the Martha Stewart of the preschool set?) We talked about jellyfish as we made them. They have seen jellyfish at the zoo, so they knew a little bit about them.

The boys loved this project. After they were done making their jellyfish they raced around the house with them "stinging" each other and me. I made lunch with three boys all stinging me in the legs.

I've had to repair the tentacles twice since we made these a week ago.

Only three boys could take a project involving a paper plate and tissue paper and make it so LOUD!

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