Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preparing for the Season of Lent

Tomorrow is the start of Lent, so we celebrated Fat Tuesday with pancakes for supper. Wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free pancakes, of course. Since I was going all out, I made three different recipes and we ranked them. I think we have found a winner! I'll post recipes, reviews and photos of that later.

But tonight I want to share this idea. I have pinned more than one prayer wall/list/bucket idea on Pinterest. I really like the idea of a visual reminder of the people and things we are praying for, to help the kids learn to pray. I especially like the idea of using something during Lent.

Today I was talking with the kids about Lent and how we would remind ourselves of the sacrifices Jesus made for us by giving something up (no TV one day a week), doing more for others (not sure what we'll take on there), and by praying more.

Then I realized that the Valentine's wall cling I had yet to take down would make the perfect prayer wall. Tonight I moved it to a more prominent spot in the kitchen, and used a dry erase marker to start our prayer list.


Tomorrow I will have the kids talk about who and what we should pray for and give thanks for, and we'll fill it out more completely.

This wall cling is made by Hallmark, and I bought it the day before Valentine's Day at Wal-Mart on sale for about $5. I'm sure you can get them even cheaper now.

I wish you all a prayerful Lent!

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Aunt Mary said...

Very cool idea! I have ask the boys to add to their prayers every night something they were grateful for that day! Good practice for all of us all year round! So wonderful to teach your kids to pray for others...