Monday, February 27, 2012

Politics Starts Early

Last week Amelia learned about various presidents in school in celebration of President's Day. That night when I was tucking her in, I asked her what she was grateful for.

She replied, "President Obama."

Ahem. Her mother spent three years working for the Republicans, and while her father has never been on the Republicans' payroll, that's where his votes go, too.

"Did you learn about him in school?" I asked.

"Yes. He's in charge of the whole country. That's a really hard job," Amelia replied.

Well, she's right there, and we respect the office of the President, no matter what.

"What else are you grateful for?" I asked, assuming we'd move off the topic of presidents.

She answered, "President Ruth."

"President Ruth?" I thought for a minute. "Do you mean President Roosevelt?"

"Yeah, that's it," Amelia said.

"Teddy or Franklin?" I asked. Amelia looked at me quizzically. I tried again, "The Roughrider or the wheelchair?"

I held my breath. She had a shot here.

"The one in the wheelchair," Amelia answered.

I broke the news to her Daddy a short while later. He looked at me and said very seriously. "We are clearly doing something wrong."

Let the indoctrination begin!

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Scott said...

How wonderful that Amelia can see past partisan politics, ignore all the hateful things being done all over the country and recognize not only the importance of the presidency but just maybe she is the first glimmer of hope that the two party system is doomed.
With a little luck, by the time she can vote... Money will be out of politics, Politicians that lie to the public will be treated at least as severely as criminals who commit perjury and our country will be more concerned about what the future will be for the next generation than the profit margins of a few companies.
I sincerely hope that the political campaigns going on now will signal the end of divisiveness in American politics and that entertainers like Rush and the super wealthy lose the power they have held over politics.
But then, I was a big supporter of H. Ross Perot...
If only he could have kept the crazy hidden for a few more months.