Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The boys have started gymnastics. We'll do anything to get them to burn off a little energy!

They take their class at the same time Amelia takes a ballet class, which gives me a quiet hour to do something for me. Little things like savoring a little caffeine in peace and quiet, or closing my eyes for a minute or going to the bathroom by myself.

I do fear falling asleep in my chair in the waiting room and disturbing the other moms with my snoring.

I have been watching my kiddos in class, of course. And the boys are having fun and do a pretty good job of listening to their teacher.

Today after class I was helping Amelia put on her street clothes when her teacher came out. She had never met all of Amelia's brothers, which means she didn't notice how disruptive they were during Amelia's last little recital. Whew!

Anyway, she asked each boy his name. Isaac introduced himself as "Kitty." And Sam piped up, "I want to take ballet!" Of course, she was thrilled and told him they need strong boys in ballet so they can lift the ladies.

We got in the car and Amelia asked if she could take ballet with her brothers. I told her she sure could, and then asked the boys if they would like to take ballet.

Sam said, "I want to take ballet."

"Yeah, I want to take ballet," said Alex.

Then Isaac added his two cents: "I want to drive a big car."

Every chance he gets he brings that up, and he's only three. I think I know how we'll motivate that one to keep his grades up.

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Scott said...

I'll start shopping for an El Camino, Should have one in running order in about 12 years... Now what color should it be?

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

I'm sure if it's an El Camino or nothing, and El Camino will start to look pretty cool!