Monday, April 2, 2012

Self Discipline, The Three-Year-Old Way

I spoke at my board's annual donor appreciate lunch to a crowd of 250 on Friday, and we got rid of close to 400 items at the big multiples sale Saturday. Whew!

At last, I have a little room to breathe and time to blog. I've missed being here.

Even with everything else going on, life has gone on around here as usual.

For example, this morning I was in the kitchen when Isaac walked in and sat down in the time out corner.

"What's up, buddy?" I asked.

"I'm sitting in time out. Could you set the timer?" he said.

"Um, OK. What did you do?" I asked.

"I climbed on top of the dresser and got the monkey," he replied, very honestly.

I turned to set the timer and cover up a grin. After a quick minute I let him out of his self-imposed time out and told him to come ask me for help the next time.

"OK, Mom!" he hollered as he ran off.

At least he knows when he's doing something wrong, and apparently the lessons about not lying are working...

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