Friday, April 13, 2012

The East Wind Is Blowing

Sometimes I can't wait to sit down and write something in this space. There's a story from the day I want to capture, an opinion, a recipe, an idea to be shared.

Other times it's a bit of a challenge, but it's good to be challenged as a writer. That is often when I write something that's more about me than my kids. It might be a story from my past, an opinion, a rant. And I like the idea that my kids can learn something about me, as well as something about their lives, from this blog.

Once in a great while it feel like an obligation to post something. Those are the days when I know it's been to long since I've touched base, when the day has wiped me out, when I just can't get the words to come together in my brain.

Tonight there's so much swirling around in my brain, but I can't get it out. The East wind is blowing, and I am not sure what it will bring. Maybe something. Maybe nothing at all. I can't wait to see what it brings.

It remains to be seen if I'll open the door and let the wind in or not.

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