Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Guess It's Genetic

Amelia and I went to the open house and book fair at her school last week. She was thrilled to show me the classroom tadpoles and the butterflies that were getting close to emerging from their chrysalises, and the chicks that the other kindergarten class is hatching.

I was thrilled she's getting her animal fix at school so we don't have to have a zoo (which would be her choice, definitely!) here at home.

Amelia's teacher said she's done well and will be a solid first-grader, though she does have a tendency to be a perfectionist.

No kidding! She got a double dose of those genes.

Jeff and I say, only half-jokingly, that God gave us triplets to help us get over our perfectionist tendencies. Because ever since the boys arrived we're lucky to get done what needs to be done at all, let alone done perfectly.

Hopefully Amelia won't need a lesson of that magnitude to learn to ease up on herself a bit!

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