Monday, April 9, 2012

Of Easter Eggs and Easter Grass

Ah, Easter! Coloring eggs, filling baskets, surviving Mass with four small children, picking up miles and miles of Easter grass (seriously, that stuff should be outlawed) was all good.

We did our own Easter egg hunt on Saturday, since Sam can't eat lots of the typical chocolate goodies and even some jelly beans that often wind up inside those eggs. The kids had a lot of fun finding their eggs in the trees, hiding by the garden, at the top of the slides, and even on top of the swing set.

We skipped all the little Easter trinkets in favor of a new scooter for everyone. They will last a lot longer, and it saves me from throwing out a bunch of little broken plastic doodads in a couple weeks. Now as long as we can keep those helmets on and learn to brake so we can stay out of the emergency room, we'll be in business! 

We took everyone to Mass at 8 a.m., and they did pretty well. Thankfully the family behind us had six mostly-grown kids, so they were very, very tolerant. The mother was a twin herself and she had a set of twins, so she couldn't have been more empathetic or more amused by the boys' antics.

Isaac, Alex, Amelia and Sam in (most of ) their Easter clothes. Check out the miracle of four kids all looking at the camera!
The Easter Bunny brought coloring books and bubbles and a minimum of sugar, so that probably helped the behavior at church, too. It was a smart idea to get all the sugar out of the way on Saturday!

It was not a smart idea to put Easter grass in their baskets.

I told Jeff to use it because the baskets looked better. I won't make that mistake again. It was dragged through the house to screams of delight and I'll be picking it up until the Fourth of July, I'm sure.

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