Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, Honey. We Need to Talk!

Today in the van Amelia said, "It's so weird that Aunt Allie had kitties in her belly, Mom."

Um, what?

It took me a minute to process what she was talking about, and then I started to chuckle.

The other day we had talked with Aunt Allie (who got married in July) and Amelia asked if she had any kids yet. Aunt Allie said no, but she did have kitties.

If you're five apparently that conversation translates to Aunt Allie actually having kitties.

So we had a baby birds and bees conversation about how people have people babies and cats have kittens and so on.

"Oh, I get it," said Amelia. "People are people and animals are animals. So people can't have animals in their bellies or they will die."

Yep, let's just go with that.

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Nola said...

The wisdom of Amelia...she will rule the world someday and that will give me comfort in my old age.