Monday, May 28, 2012

Beating Back The Toy Tide

In between the parade, a great morning of hiking and getting the tomatoes and peppers in the garden, Jeff and I have spent the better part of the holiday weekend cleaning out the kids toys.

And by cleaning out, I mean collecting all the random pieces and scattered parts and putting everything back together again. EVERYTHING.

All I can say is: Holy crap! God save me from all those little pieces and parts.

And Amelia's toys are the worst. She helped me sort through things. Now we've got a box of Barbies, a box of My Little Ponies, and six little drawers of Barbie shoes, accessories, etc... I was going to label all of the drawers, but I couldn't think of a child-appropriate way to write "Little $#^&."

We pulled out bags of stuff to donate and bags of stuff to throw, and celebrated not-so-little victories like finding 25 of 26 magnetic alphabet letters. 

One evening we'll have the kids go through things and choose some more to donate, too. Because really, do three little boys need more than 60 cars? I don't think so. And that's AFTER I already threw/donated some of them.

Now we're going to get tough on the kids when it comes to picking things up and putting them back together where they belong. 

Because I won't be doing this again anytime soon. Next time I'll just sweep it all into a big bag and give it all away.

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