Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Going to Be a Super Party

Heaven knows that Amelia exerts a little influence over her brothers, what with the dressing up as princesses, pretending to be sisters and taking ballet together.

But the boys influence her, too.

She has asked to have a super hero birthday party, complete with costumes.

Amelia also asked for a cake shaped like her as a super hero flying through the sky, "with my pink cape!"

Um, yeah. I don't think so.

A princess tiara cake I can pull off. Amelia as a super hero, well that would require me to magically get some super hero powers I don't currently possess. And I don't see any radioactive bakers around here.

So I suggested cupcakes with the Bat Signal on them, and she was all for it. I want to do cupcakes, not only because they are easy, but also because it will be easier to make a small batch of wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free cupcakes so we have a few Sam-friendly treats.

As a result, Jeff and I spent two hours tonight rolling Laffy Taffy out flat and cutting Bat Signals out of them. And we're only half done.

The things we'll do for our kids!

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